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The history of the Agape Amazonas Foundation started with a journey of the nurse Iris Gessner in the year 1992, staying 11 months in the Amazon region giving health assistance to the communities along the rivers, traveling with the Luzeiro mission boats of the  Seventh-Day Adventist Church. During those trips developed a desire to develop a project for children in the Amazon region. Returning to Germany she met with Gerald Gessner who, being the son of a Brazilian, already has visited Brazil. In his trip he observed two children sleeping inside a cardboard box, and felt a strong desire to contribute to the future of children and adolescents with no opportunities for development. After a preparation and planning phase, they joined forces to put all their dreams into reality, in the little town of Novo Airão, located on one of the Amazon rivers.

Arriving at the end of 1997 in the town, they founded the Agape Association Novo Airão Amazonas, being replaced by the Agape Amazonas Foundation in 2002. Today the Agape Amazonas Foundation contributes to the education of future citizens through her primary school, and serves the local community with health food products and whole wheat bread made in their own bakery, in order to improve the lifestyle of the population. The goals of the Agape Amazonas Foundation are evolving around three basic aspects: Christian Education, Health and Organic Agriculture.


Christian Education: developing the physical, mental and spiritual area of children, starting with kindergarten until professional training.


Preventive Health: promoting courses, lectures, events and natural treatments.


Organic Agriculture: working in harmony with the natural cycles, teaching the communities of the region sustainable production techniques.  

Who is the Agape Amazonas Foundation?