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The Amazon region has a rich diversity of regional fruits, but the agronomic potential of the entire state still needs a lot of development.

We believe it very essential to develop sustainable agriculture techniques in harmony with natural cycles, cooperating with nature instead of destroying. For this reason we desire to apply and foster the use of organic agriculture in the state of Amazonas. We work with materials coming from nature, and giving those materials back to nature, and are so closing the natural cycle that God has created.

We have in mind the training of Educators, people who can teach in the communities how to improve their yield without causing negative impacts on the environment, using as a model our own educational garden, being implemented at this moment.

We want to combine fruit and vegetable production with the bee cultures of various kinds. We use all organic matter for compost production, and we intend to produce humus with rainworm cultures.


Many farmers are getting discouraged because of long transport time on the river and lack of infrastructure in order to get their produce to the market. Most of the farmers are located along the various communities along the shorelines of the Amazon rivers. The majority of those communities can be reached only by boat, and in the dry season access to many communities is greatly limited. We intend to promote not only better production techniques, but search also for local processing options and solutions for the logistical challenges.


We are searching for partnerships that allow for economical growth of the local farmers as well as our project. We intend that the growth can take place equally on both sides. Any benefits of the production will be though 100% applied in educational and welfare projects of the Foundation.


We started a pilot project with the help of ADRA for fruit drying, planning to develop various products to process the dried products in various forms.


If you are interested to collaborate or to get further information, contact us for further details.