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We promote cooking classes, stop smoking courses, special events like the Health Expo and Lifestyle programs, based on the 8 laws of health The community benefits also from the availability of health food projects in our store and whole wheat bread besides other products coming fresh from our bakery.


A Lifestyle Educator Course was started recently by the Agape Mission School, and a Lifestyle  Center is in the planning stage.


If you are interested in working with us or helping us short term, come to complete our team! Contact us for further information.


Having health is like having a treasure. It is a precious gift. Once we lose our health, we start hunting for the treasure. It is easy to lose health, but to recuperate it we need lots of efforts and resources.


Every year that passes we see an increase in diseases proceeding from an unhealthy lifestyle. Even with a tremendous scientific and technological advancements in medicine, we can observe a constant increase of diseases in the population. The majority of modern diseases are caused by our own lifestyle, like diabetes and hypertension.


We intend to promote a healthy lifestyle providing us not only an increase in life expectancy, but also a better quality of life, following the principles of a healthy lifestyle, like our creator has given to us.