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Agape Mission School

Typical diet in the river communities: Fish with cassava flour, every day.

Our students learning a better way.


To be a missionary in the Amazon region was a dream cherished for years, until it became reality by a call of the Lord. I quit my job and left my family behind, looking to fill a vacuum in my life. It was an escape to God.

In my first airplane trip, way above the clouds, I understood how much I depended on God who says: “Don´t fear because I am with you.” Is 40:10. I settled down in the mission school in the town of Novo Airão, being famous for the cute pink colored sweetwater dolphins.

I started personal evangelism going door to door, making visits and giving bible studies. There are many beautiful testimonies to tell. In 3 intense months I learned from Jesus much more than I learned in all my life. I understood the prophecies for our present time, the three angels message, and revival and reformation. I saw the operation of God, when a soul surrenders completely to His working.

The Lord is in control of everything and directing my life. He speaks to me: “I have heard thy prayer, I have seen thy tears: behold, I will heal thee.” 2 Kings 20:5. I never had tears of joy like the tears the Lord gave me here, for this reason I love Him with all my heart and praise Him. Silvane Almeida


Three years ago we got exposed to medical missionary work and we like much the way that God acts through this ministry. We have many opportunities to help people to find the path of peace and happiness in Jesus  Christ and contribute in their physical, mental and spiritual needs. We learned to know each other in the mission field, we married at the Agape Amazonas Foundation and today we share together the love of Christ with those people. Michele and Rodolfo Rei

To go to the Amazon, especially to the Agape Amazonas Foundation was a call of the Lord to “come up higher” in my life. To face differences of culture and climate among others, and the difficulties I was facing were things I had never experienced and were leading me to look and secure me at the spiritual plane.

I remember that one of the texts God was giving me in the Bible when arriving in Novo Airão was talking about the anxious cares of life (Luke 12:22-34) and I could really live that every day in practice. And it is God who provides really all our needs. We need to experiment this in practice.

In midst of the difficulties and not in the accommodation to a life of ease  (Matth. 10:34-39) that we start to understand intensely the working of God in our lives, so that we can grow spiritually. I went to teach classes in the course, but I understood, that in reality I was one more student in the school of Christ.

Débora R. Dutra

The Health Evangelism course from the Agape Mission School has the goal of training people to serve in various branches of medical missionary work, focusing on the following segments:


Our program has following segments:

Health Classes

Following the example of Christ we can observe that He passed more time healing than preaching. We observe that serving the health needs in our neighborhood can open doors for the gospel like no other work.

Understanding the cause of modern lifestyle diseases affecting so many people because of the lifestyle they practice, we focus on teaching our students to reason from cause to effect, learning to apply the simple but efficient changes towards a healthy lifestyle.

We supply also instructions on the physiology of the body, and what we can do to conserve it in good health, besides classes on Nutrition, Massage, Hydrotherapy and Herbs among others.

We teach techniques of natural treatments, equipping the students with means to help in the physical, mental and spiritual realm.



Called by Ellen White the ABC of education, the art of growing our food has an integral part in the education process of the Agape Mission School. Students learn the basic principles of organic agriculture in theory and practice. Physical work in the garden has a profound effect in character development, besides helping the student to provide options for self support. We believe also that agriculture has a fundamental role in improving the lifestyle and eating patterns of the numerous communities along the Amazon rivers.


The Agape Mission School was operating that far on a temporary basis within the premises of the primary school. We are in need now to acquire a property in the country in order to develop a permanent structure for the school as well as a Lifestyle Center to attend the needs of the metropolitan region of Manaus.

Evangelism Classes

Following the example of Christ, our students learn principles how to give bible studies, helping others to understand the pillars of our faith, established by the Word of God. The student is able to learn the science of soul winning, using principles of personal evangelism.

Students participate in spiritual classes like Sanctuary, Last Day Events and Evangelism, among others, in order to be equipped to take Present Truth to a dying world.

Theory classes are balanced by practical outreach, giving opportunity to apply practically the  acquired knowledge. Students have opportunities to involve themselves in various health outreach programs, as well as evangelistic programs in our neighboring communities, learning always to use the health message as an entering wedge for the gospel.